Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Special.........Happy Penis!

Hee, hee....I knew that would get your attention!
And you can stop thinking those deviant sexual thoughts running through your mind! Just because I said "penis", does not mean this is going to be a crazy ass x-rated post! (that's coming later)(no pun intended)
This is really just to throw the Sunday specials out to you!
 To ALL of you! Something for the ladies AND the guys!

As stated in the title....Happy Penis
Edible masage lotion designed for penis play...comes in cherry, mint, and vanilla!
Buy one, get one half off!

Now ladies, whoever was just thinking "eww, gross"...quit playing, you know you do it!!! Like it or not, felatio  oralizing is a part of life. Period. And if you don't like being the oralizer, then you are clearly doing it wrong!!!  Just like a good man is hard to find....a hard man is good to find!
That's where this next item comes in....
"Tickle his Pickle", by Dr. Sadie Allison
This book is for everyone, from the prude housewife who refuses to oralize, to the master oralizer, this book has something for everyone to learn! From the concept of  "blowjobs are not a JOB", to the guided tour of the anatomy of the penis, to zillions of positions and techniques, from taking it out of his pants to eruption, all the way to tons of questions and answers!  Lol, she even covers that oh-so aggravating thing when the guy pushes your head down! (Guys, FYI: we HATE that shit! Oralization on demand is NOT thrilling)
For those of you who might be anti-oralizing from a bad experience in the past, the good Doctor even helps you get back into the swing of things. Cause face it, oralization s here to stay, it is NOT going anywhere!
I'd like to throw on a good point here, because we have ALL had a past experience where it tasted GROSS, and we were like OMG, I'm never doing THAT again!.....
Diet, genetics, and time between orgasms effect the taste. So just because your ex might have tasted gross, your new guy could taste like fruit! :) 
Now, something EVERYONE can use:
You can't tell because my pictures SUCK, I took them with my cell phone...but that's a set of lips at the end!
This jelly glove (named "Gidget") is great for you men when you either don't have access to a real mouth, or when your woman is either on strike, or too tired, or just not feeling that oh-so hated oralizing on demand! It's ribbed on the inside, and we have tons of lube to go with it! :)
Now ladies, this is a LIFESAVER to you! Or at least a jaw saver anyways!
You can cut a couple of inches off the end of it...t(more if your man is huge, and none if your man is Irish),
 and it will become your new best friend!
We all know that it's not ALWAYS good when your man lasts forever! Lock-jaw sucks!
You can start off using this on your man, and then push it down to the base of his penis, enough to be able to use your mouth too. When you jaw starts to get tired, just use the jelly glove, then switch on and off between the glove and your mouth.
Or, you can start off with your mouth and if you're oralizing good enough, while your man is all into it, you can throw the jelly glove on and use the glove and your mouth, then eventually just the glove.
Either way, it saves you from your jaw killing, and for real, he will never know when your mouth left and it was just the jelly glove!
Happy Penis......$11.50
Tickle His Pickle..........$18.00
Your jaw not killing......PRICELESS!!!
So what are you waiting for...hop on over to my SITE and shop!
Coupon code ASEBAS will get you 10% off your ENTIRE order!
For the Happy Penis deal, send me a MESSAGE


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