Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Okay my friends, SEX TOY DAY is right around the corner!!! Thursday Nov 4th!

I shit you not! There is a day for everything under the sun, so I am siked to announce that My Pleasure has created such an event! Yes, you heard it right, SEX TOY DAY!!!! And of course, there is a whole website for Sex Toy Day!

And check this shit out..........they are giving away 1,000.....yes, 1,000 FREE vibrators!!!! FREE! Totally free! You don't even have to pay for shipping!!!! It is TOTALLY FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!  Who doesn't like FREE?

So, WTF are you waiting for...get on over there and check it out!

Actually, wait a minute...back the bus up.  You can check it out in a minute...because first I am going to let you in on some top secret information! ......

Do you think that sex toys can change your life???......the answer is HELL to the YEAH!  Are you shittin me? Do you really have to think about it?  If you have to think about, then you need to do some serious shopping!  Now on to the top secret info....

 How Sex Toys Changed My Life!

Okay, I'm not ven going to try to lie...honestly, I was scared of sex toys for a loooonnnnngggg ass time after my very first experience with one! I don't even remember the name of it, it was something like the "Super XLT turbo thruster 127 GXV psyho power", or some crazy shit like that.  One of my friends gave it to me on my 19th Birthday.  Lol, it couldn't have come at a better time, as I was in the Army, over in Germany, dating a complete TOOL!   Anyways, this thing was CRAZY! It was loud, huge, clunky, and must have had a race car engine in it! It could have taken off by itself and drove away. No joke, that thing scared the shit out of me! I tried it a few times, and it STILL scared the shit out of me! Needless to say, it found the trash!

So I went through a little "anti-toy" stage until I met a guy. (Let's call him "Bob" for my own life safety sake!)  Bob was HOT!  After a few sex-sions with 'Bob", he wanted to bring some toys into our sex-sions.  I put the brakes on really fast! No way was that crazy shit entering my bed!!! "Bob" spent a lot of time convincing me to give toys another shot. After I really pondered it, "Bob" was so damn hot I probably would have let him bring that turbo-psycho thing to one of our sex-sions. Bob was awesome. OMG! Sex was already an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10, so i couldn't imagine it getting any better!!! But it DID!!!! OMG, talk about taking it to the next level!!!! The difference that a cock ring made...whew. Then when he added a vibrating bullet  to the cock ring...holy shit!!! 

We used a little something like this Queen Bee:

OMG! It seems like it was just yesterday!! "Bob", if you're out there...I thank you! "Bob" taught me a lot.  He introduced me slowly to different things, and eventually toys became a part of every day life! So yes, Sex Toys changed my life!!! (Thanks again Bob! you ROCK) When life in the bedroom gets boring, all you gotta do is grab a toy out of the toy box, or a lotion or potion, and you're off! Life will NEVER be boring in my bedroom again! EVER!!! There is always room for more toys, and time for SHOPPING!

So there you have it my peeps!  Now go on over and check out My Pleasures Sex Toy Day site!

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